Tuesday, 14 May 2013

菜肉包~Meat Bun

For those who like to eat more meat, please add more. My version is less meaty.

 Ingredients A: 
Chopped Spring Onion 150g
Minced Pork 250g
Salt 1t
Chicken stock powder 2t
Sugar 3t
Light soya sauce some
Pepper some
Sesame oil some
Olive oil some

Ingredients B:
Hong Kong Flour 300g
Instant yeast 1t + 1/4t
Baking powder 1t
Sugar 70g
Water 120ml
Shortening 25g

Combine the dough ingredients, knead into smooth dough for later use.
Mix well ingredients A, keep in fridge for 30 minutes or more for later use.
knead dough into long stripe, divide into 20 portions (25g each), roll out to a flat sheet.
Wrap in 20g filling and seal it well.

Halve of the dough i use it for Pan-fried meat buns.
Can add your filling equivalent to your dough weight.

-Recipe adapted from Chinese Buns page 58.
-Pan-fried buns (25g x 10)
-Steam buns (25g x 10)

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