Wednesday, 28 January 2015

香脆和香辣蟹条~Spicy & Non-spicy versions of Crispy Crabstick.

蟹条 (Li chuan/tasty bite 牌子)
辣椒粉 (housebrand 牌子)
咖喱叶 适量整个过程只用了两张吸油纸。也没吸上多油。
Well mix it with chilly powder for spicy version.
用了air fryer整个过程只用了两张吸油纸。也没吸上多油。
Use only 2 kitchen towel and leave not much oil on it. I believe AF does help.

1. 蟹条退冰后撕开。掩上辣椒粉放些咖喱叶。
2. 火热后一起下油锅炸马上转小火,一会儿转中火。看到大概有点黄就转回小火。炸到金黄色。
3. 我用air fryer 160度 2 到3分钟。逼出油。
4. 冷后再撒上辣椒粉。


Crabsticks (Li chuan/tasty bites brand from sheng siong)
Chilly powder (housebrand brand)
Some curry leave.

1. Peel gently and roll it out in a thin layer of crab meat and tear it. Marinate it with some chilly powner and curry leaves.
2. Heat the wok with oil and deep fry it together with leaves. Fry it with low heat. After a minute u may turn to middle heat. After the crabstick turns slightly brown turn to low heat again. Fry until golden brown. Dish up and leave it on the kitchen towel if u do not have a airfryer.
3. After completely cool sprinkle some chilly powder. Keep into a airtight container.

*I use AF to fry at 160c, 2 to 3 mins to extract some oil out.
*for non-spicy can save up the chilly powder and curry leave.

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