Tuesday, 18 March 2014

咸鱼肉包 ~ Meat Bun

Hong Kong Flour 300g
Instant yeast 5g (I put 1t + 1/4t)
Baking powder 5g (1t)
Sugar 70g
Water 120ml
Shortening 25g

Minced pork 300g
Salted fish 15g (pan-fried until brown, chopped finely)
Ginger juice 1T
Small onion 1T (chopped)
Light soya sauce 3t
Some pepper
Sesame oil 3t
Hua tiao jiu 2t
1. Combine the dough ingredients, knead dough till smooth.
2. Roll dough into long strip, divide into 20g each, roll out to a flat sheet, thick at middle and thin at sides.
3. Wrap in 18g filling and seal it well. Leave to rise for 30 minutes.
4. Steam over high heat for 5 mins.

- Recipe adopted from 包好吃,第56页。食谱更改了许多。

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