Tuesday, 26 August 2014

上海月饼 ~ Shanghai Mooncakes

450g Plain flour/Cake flour
1tsp Corn flour
90g Milk powder
90g Icing sugar
Butter 341g
45g Egg yolk
Salted egg yolk 19pc (I only have 15 salted egg yolks)

Dough method:
1. Beat butter and icing sugar until smooth.
2. Add egg yolk one at a time. Mix it well.
3. Last, add in flour and milk powder and mix well until dough. (Put dough inside the fridge while preparing the lotus paste)

90g mooncake method:
1. 1 salted egg yolk cover with 40g of lotus paste and roll into a ball. (can be any paste that suitable for mooncake)
2. 50g of dough.
3. Last, egg wash and put some black sesame/almond slice.

70g mooncake will be 30g lotus paste and 40g dough.

*I add 8g more of lotus paste for without salted egg yolk.

-Make 14 pieces of 90g and 8 pieces of 70g mooncakes.
-30mins @170c.

This recipe can make 19 pieces of 90g mooncakes.

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