Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fondant birthday cakes for my little ones!

19/09 ~ 开工做翻糖装饰!
 21/09 ~ 烘了三粒9寸蛋糕!抹上奶油糖霜!
 22/09 ~ 花了几个钟。搞定!
Ingredients A:
338g Butter
120g Sugar

Ingredients B:
6 Eggs
120g Sugar

Ingredients C:
300g Cake flour
3/4tsp Baking powder

1. Cream butter and 120g sugar at medium speed until pale white.
2. Whisk eggs, 120g sugar at maximum speed until fluffy.
3. At medium speed, combine the butter and the egg mixture together.
4. Decrease to slow speed, add in sifted flour and baking powder.

- Recipe adapted from Richard Goh's Marble Cake.
- Baked 60 mins @160c.

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